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a good brand should be felt as well as seen

When we work together, my goal is to capture your passion for your business and create a beautiful brand with substance and soul. My process is laid-back and designed to help you feel comfortable and empowered so that together, we can create a brand that brings on all the emotions you want your audience to feel when they think of your brand.


Hey, I’m Sam. I’m a twenty-something brand designer based in Canada & working with incredible clients worldwide.


I’ve always been a creative person, exploring all sorts of hobbies over the years such as painting, drawing, pottery, sewing, carpentry… pretty much diving into every creative activity I could think of. I even combined my sewing skills and entrepreneurial tendencies to start a scrunchie & hair accessory business while I went to university for Marketing and Graphic Design. I'm always trying to learn, grow my skill set, and challenge myself as an artist, and deep down I’ve always known that a creative career was my calling. 


In 2020 my husband and I picked up and moved from Alberta to Manitoba, and I began freelancing my graphic design skills. That uprooting of our life made me realise I wanted to dedicate my career to building something for myself, and I didn't want to go back to work for anyone else – so I started Studio Goldē.


I love what I do, and I particularly adore cheering on my clients who LOVE what they do.

lover of summer sunsets, slow mornings & vintage things


connecting with new people


Goldē is a play on the word gold – a powerful and valuable resource. A strong brand is just as valuable. I like to think of the colour of gold as radiant, illuminating, & captivating –  all words I want my designs to convey, and for you to feel about your new brand. I also want Studio Goldē's personal brand to feel welcoming, light, & warm, like a mid-summer golden sunset… one of my favourite things on this glorious earth.

feel like we could be besties?

YAY! I can't wait to meet you!

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