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What's the difference between a logo and brand?

Today on the Studio Goldē journal, I want to start at the basics -- what's the difference between a logo and a brand?

Sometimes as designers, we can get caught up in using phrases that we think are straight forward, but can be really overwhelming or unclear to those who aren't immersed in the world of design on the daily. If you're someone who is looking at hiring a designer, but are feeling a little lost when it comes to all the designer lingo, I've got your back! Knowing the difference between a logo and brand will help you better understand exactly what to expect from the branding process.

First, let's define the two...

What is a logo?

A logo is simply a visual mark that should capture the essence of the brand. A good logo should be memorable and work like a visual shortcut to remind people of all of the other aspects of your entire brand.

What is a brand?

A brand is the feeling & image people have in mind when they think about your company. Your company's brand is your identity, your personality. It is a combination of how your brand looks (visual identity), your brands tone of voice (funny, serious, professional, casual), how it feels (your storefront for example), what it values etc.

An analogy to put it all into perspective...

To make things easy, think of your company as a person.

  • Think of your logo as just your company's face, the first thing people look at when they pass you on the street to see whether they recognize you, or whether they want to get to know you.

  • Your visual identity (logo, marks, colour palette, fonts, brand materials) could be compared to your physical appearance -- your face, hairstyle & clothes.

  • Your brand is the combination of your visual identity plus all of the other amazing things about you like your, personality, voice, scent, beliefs, & values that people will get to know once they chat with you.

How do we go about implementing this all?

At Studio Goldē, you and I begin our branding process with strategy that will help you identity some important parts of your brand's personality such as your beliefs & values, voice, & what makes you unique. From there we build your visual identity, so that it all links back to your core personality traits as a brand. Of course, certain things will be up to you to establish & reinforce for your brand as you move forward, but doing the up-front work at the beginning will give you a clear foundation to start from.

Why does it matter?

By understanding the differences between a logo and a brand, you can better understand the thought & strategy that goes into creating the visual identity of a brand. Although the two words are very closely related, and so dependent on one another, they aren't the same thing, and I hope that this journal post has helped you better understand the importance of building a brand, rather than just creating a logo.

xx, Sam

If you found this helpful and would like to start building your own brand, reach out to me here and we can start making some magic together!


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